NPA Publishing

Access the expertise of our industry-renowned and exclusive network of artists, consultants and executives through NPA’s publishing portfolio.

Music Publishing

At NPA we work with you at every stage to ensure you maximise all of your publishing revenue streams. We use our expertise in the publishing arena to assist you with your copyright agreements, split sheets, registration on PROs (Performing Rights Organisations), registration of tracks and even new emerging technologies such as minting of NFTs. 

Where you own the recording we can also assist with registration and associated collection societies as well as advise on production agreements and allocation of points. 

NPA can also help you increase your revenue by working to license and sync your tracks. In the last few years NPA Artists have secured sync licenses with brands such as RayBan, DHL, Target, Nissan, Adidas, Twinings, Michelob, Rimmel, Bloomingdales, Rogers Sports & Media and Max Factor. 

Book Publishing

At NPA we offer an end-to-end print and digital publishing service for publications from institutions, companies and individuals. We take your publication through all the key stages and can offer advice and guidance along the way e.g. getting licences cleared, assisting with editing, typesetting and engraving and right through to the final printing, shipping and distribution. You can find details on our latest print projects here. 

Our publishing experts and artists have worked with and written for leading publishers such as Hal Leonard, Future PLC, Blaze Publishing and Modern Drummer, and world renowned education providers Trinity College London Press, RSL, and the Academy of Contemporary Music.

Our authors, typesetters, and printers have written global, leading music publications, world-first products in audio production, columns and articles in the music industry press, globally recognised exam syllabi, degree programmes, awards, certificates and diplomas, industry-leading vocational exam suites, and papers for international academic and industry conferences.

If you are looking for a book publisher, need music publishing services or wish to find out more about what NPA can offer you, contact or drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram